Meet the Altamurians

Hello fellow altamura avatar owner and everyone thinking about to get a mesh avatar.

Whether you are new to SL or you are an old grumpy avatar that finally changes to a mesh body for various reasons, then you are confronted with a quite confusing situation to find what fits with what. Should you just shelf out your money for mainstream avatar parts and look the same like everyone else or will you dare to experiment with one of the smaller shops?

One logical reason to stick with the biggest mainstream brand seems to be that you can get more compatible parts to complement your avatar. But attention, the mainstream logos on the packages are absolutely no proof of quality nor does it guarantee that it fits with that particular product from that brand. In fact every prim could be labeled with the mainstream logos!

A solution for Skins, Tattoos, Makeups and other close to skin items should have been the Omega Appliers. While this is a great idea in theory, in practice some might fit but they might be also mesh specific just for use with a particular avatar for best match. This is specially the case with skins and makeups. So all what’s left to find your items is searching inworld stores or the SL marketplace and trying demo after demo, which can be fun and keep you busy for hours, days and more.

But instead of ranting about the situation, we thought about how it could be easier for users to find additional items to customize their avatars.

What if users and content creators have a reliable common platform where to list and find only the products that matches.

This led to the directory!


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