About altamurians.com

Altamura is making  great Full Body Mesh Bento enabled avatars which are easy to use and offer a great set of features not found in other mesh bodies/-heads with the lowest avatar complexity and a great look right out of the box

The Situation

With hundreds of Fashion stores in SL™ and the Marketplace flooded with products of the last 15 years it is getting increasingly more difficult and time consuming for you to find what you are looking for.

Most designers don’t mark their items yet as Altamura compatible or have an exclusive Altamura version, even if they unknowingly already have a big amount of products that fit perfectly on your Altamura avatars.


The Solution

This is where the Altamurians come in! The growing Altamura user community members who is on the same quest like you.

What if they share their finds and this way help new and existent members to find matching clothes, skins and accessories based on their experiences.

Trusted by the best

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